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We could not have been able to say much in this section, if we had not worked to the execution of each piece that is produced in our factory.

Before describing our job in detail, we apologize in advance because we feel like stressing our belief in the so called “Made in Italy”, being the culture of creating and manufacturing with creativity in line with our country's typical old traditions.

In order to create our collections, we always start with an idea which is put into a more or less stylized paper drawing, and from it we take the cue to sketch an initial form.

The production of various series items could seem a short activity, if many necessary stages were neglected: raw clay needs to be moulded, it has to take shape, and than gets consistency during firing. Thanks to firing it obtains a lot of color nuances and as many decorations.
We try to use all our professional skills and care in each single stage, we plenty take care of every little detail from materials selection, being tested to meet the most particular qualitative standards at best, to product packaging and shipment.

From our factory to our clients' houses: we want to offer them unequalled objects, that are expression of a more than ever alive manual skill, which is made up of simple and trained gestures and represents our way to feel and create pottery.


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