Nuova CER | Making Ceramics …


Making ceramic has been an imperative in the human and professional history of the Cerbella’s family and the Nuova CER company.

The brand Nuova CER was born in 1992 thanks to Primo Cerbella, honoured as Cavaliere del Lavoro of the Italian Republic in 2001. The firm becomes over the time a strong container of experiences and technical knowledges, the result of many decades of total dedication to ceramic, a simple, poor and raw material but complex and capable to generate unique and surprising shapes and colors at the same time

Thanks to the perseverance and the experience acquired in the production of functional and decorative objects we crossed fashions, styles and social changes and faced to the new demands of a market in continuous evolution and increasingly aimed to the international public.

The company, now at the “second generation” and passionately directed by first son Stefano, maintains an enthusiastic tendency towards research and experimentation, and a meticulous attention to the harmonious study of shapes and proportions, as in the best tradition of Made in Italy.

Unique and inimitable items, hand-made with love and extreme attention to the details, today as then.

The past becomes future …

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