The sale of the present website is ruled by the general sale conditions as established by the Italian law and particularly by the Law Decree 70/2003 concerning the electronic commerce and to the D.Lgs.206/2005 referred to the regulation concerning the distance contracts and the below indicated manners, that have to be considered as substancial and integrated part of the sale contract.

The corrent contract rules the sale relations between the Company Ceramiche Artistiche Nuovacer S.a.s. (later called simply Nuova CER, Seller or Supplier) and the Buyer (later called simply Customer) that buys long distance, through telematic instruments, goods proposed for the sale in the related section of e-commerce of the current website

Before sending the order it is important that the customer is sure to have read and understood the instructions and the Purchasing conditions provided during the sale procedure well, because they will be binding once the process of purchase is concluded.
In order to complete and to finalise the Purchasing Contract, the Customer will have to fill the electronic order sheet (Checkout) present on the website in every part following the instructions in the related section. The information filled during the procedure of purchase will be transferred automatically and telematically to the Vendor. Once the order is received Nuova CER will send a receipt confirmation by mail with the summary of the order placed. The sending of the order from the Customer is intended as acceptance of the sale conditions valid at that moment.

The Vendor guarantees that the delivered products will be the same of the ones indicated in the website. The Vendor guarantees that all the products with the brand NuovaCER are realized with materials of first quality, according to the methods of craft production. Every item sent from the Vendor to the Customer will be fitted by the certificate of guarantee Nuova CER with the indications of the characteristics of the product and some useful advices  for a perfect preservation of the same one. The brand NuovaCER together with figurative and non figurative brands present on the products and/or packagings, registered or not, are and will stay of exclusive property of the companies Ceramiche Artistiche Nuova CER sas.

All the products Nuovacer,included the ones subjected to the sale in the present site,are made of glazed and decorated ceramics, except for the wooden and cork accessories such as lids,ladles,pouring caps and similar objects.

These ceramic products, as such, except as specified in the detail of the single cards

ARE NOT SUITABLE to be used :
a) in the microwave  (any model and/or baking process)
b) in the dishwasher in the restaurant and catering industry…where they are subjected to intensive wash cycles  for more times during the same day., catering, ecc…
c) in direct contact with the flames. Teapots, heat-resistant dishes and similar objects are not suitable to be used in the stoves. For the household use (one/two daily cycles as maximum) the washing in the dishwasher is not discouraged even if the hand washing represents the best way to keep the original characteristics of the product unchanged during the time. Please avoid to leave the items soaking in the water for a long time.

All the heat-resistant dishes and cake pans, as indicated in the related product sheets, are suitable to be used exclusively in the traditional oven( no microwave) It is recommended to insert the heat-reistant dishes for the baking of the foods with the oven off or lukewarm.Once they have been pulled out from the oven please avoid to lay the hot-resistant dishes on the humid  or cold surfaces. Nuovacer declines any responsabilities stemming from the improper  and/or incorrect use of their items.

Due to the typical artisan manifacture the availability of the different items on the website of the Vendor is linked to specific production timings, necessary to obtain the so-called finished product.
In case of items already available in stock the related deliveries could happen in a time lapse of 1-3 working days according to the volume of the requests received in the same reporting period.
In case it is necessary to produce the item/items requested, the delivery dates could be variable until a maximum of 40 days. In this case Nuova CER will provide to inform the Customer by mail giving all the necassary indications on the status of the preparation and progress of the order.
In any case Nuova CER reserves to issue orders with leadtimes even longer thatn the standard ones, where, due to force majeure, it is not possible to procede with delivery in the time limits prescribed.
In particular circumnstances, Nuova CER couldn’t be able to ensure the availability of all the references listed on the website and couldn’t be considered responsable for the temporary absence of one or more products.
Without prejudice of what is agreed below (Right of withdrawal) the sending of the order from the Customer is valid also for a partial delivery, limited to the available products in the range of the ordered ones. In this case Nuova CER is committed to complete the delivery of the goods ordered in the shortest time possible and in the terms better described in the previous paragraph. In the opposite case where the Vendor isn’t able to complete the shipping of the missing products, it will provide to the refund of the dued amounts related to the undelivered products.

The prices of the products indicated in the different sections of the present site are to be intended TVA including.
The Vendor will apply the prices indicated in the website at the moment of the order from the Customer. Every possible variation of the price from the Vendor will have effect from the date of the publication of the same on the site.
The Customer can choose among the below methods of payment:
• Bank transfer in advance
• Paypal
• Credit card
• Cash on delivery (payment to the courier)

Preparing the items for the shipping, Nuova CER will take care to use all the necessary materials for the shipping in order to guarantee the highest protection during all the phases of the transport and delivery. Nuova CER is also committed to highlight the fragile content of the packages through the application of specific markings.
The Vendor will ensure that each packaging which constitutes the shipping is correctly closed with a customized ribbon with its proper logo (Nuova CER). Once the goods are ready Nuova CER will entrust the package/packages to one of its affiliated forwarder that will take care of the home delivery of the Customer.

When the Customer sends his/her order the Customer will have to communicate (as requested in the same section of the website) a valid telephone number where he/she can be called if necessary in order to guarantee support to the forwarder for a successful delivery of the package/s. The forwarder doesn’t effect any call in advance and the time of the deliveries is completely according to his discretion.
The deliveries are done during the working days, from Monday to Friday, according to the following timings after the date of the package/s departure:
• 1/2 working days all over Italy
• 2/3 working days for the islands,
The delivery times of the Courier are to be intended as approximate because they can be subjected to variations for reasons of force majeure, for disadvantaged conditions of traffic and viability, strikes or any other impediment,that cannot be imputed to Nuova CER in any way.
For all the orders  with an amount equal or higher than Euro 100,00 (one hundred/00) shipping costs will be free.
At the moment of the delivery of the goods from the Courier the Customer will have to check that the number of the packages corresponds to what is indicated in the accompanying delivery document of the Courier, that the package is integral, not damaged, not wet or altered and that doesn’t produce, if slightly agitated, any sounds similar to the break of the product contained in the inside.
*Important: In the event that one of the above circumstances occurs at the time of delivery, the Customer is required to withdraw the package(s) by affixing a relative control reserve both in the presence of paper and electronic handheld provided by the courier in charge of delivery side.

Once the package is received, the customer is required to inspect its contents, making sure that the products received comply with what is ordered.
In the case that the Customer finds in the package broken, and/or in the case of defective items, in the presence or not of the acceptance with reservation referred to in the previous point, the Customer is required in any case to inform the Seller within the 14 days of the date of receipt of the package(s), sending all possible information in this regard.
The Seller reserves the right to ask the Customer for any photographic images proving the status of the goods received broken and/or non-compliant.
If you consider these products replaceable, the Seller will provide for their own expenses and in a timely manner to collect them by contracted courier.
In any case, the customer is required to carefully store the goods and to re-package them properly using the original packaging materials and all possible precautions so that they do not suffer further injuries and ruptures during the shipment.
Once the goods have been received and the extent of the defect(s) has been ascertained, Nuova CER will replace the damaged product with a healthy one, making a new delivery at its own expense by contracted courier or – alternatively – to make the reimbursement of the purchase costs by bank transfer on CC indicated by the Customer.
* The right of withdrawal and any form of dispute of the goods delivered, will be deemed to have fallen after the deadline of 14 solar days from the date of delivery of the package(s).

Under Article 64 of the Consumer Code, you are entitled to withdraw from the purchase agreement for any reason within 14 days of the delivery date of the ordered goods and receive a refund equal to the price of the returned products, at the net of shipping costs.
The customer can choose the courier with which to make the shipment.
The risks of return and shipping costs remain borne by the customer.
In order to exercise the Right of Withdrawal, the customer must,:
Communicate the intention to withdraw from the purchase agreement by e-mail to the mail address, indicating the reference order number and a telephone number on which to be contacted by Customer Service;
Enter the product, intact and complete in all its parts in its original packaging using as far as possible the same packaging materials with which it was received;
• Indicate the precise indication of the sender (name, address, e-mail address and telephone number), the reference order number and the recipient’s address (Seller) outside the package(s).
• Proceed to the shipment of the return by entrusting the package(s) to the courier and also sending to the Seller a valid number for the tracking of the package by mail.
After receiving and verifying the integrity of the returned product, the customer will be reimbursed the price of the purchased product excluding the costs incurred for delivery. If there is no match between the recipient of the products indicated in the order form and the recipient of the amounts owed for their purchase, the refund of the sum will be paid against the paymenter. Nuova Cer is not responsible for the refund or compensation for products shipped by the Customer that have never been received by Nuova Cer due to loss, theft or damage not attributable to it.
Withdrawal is excluded in the following cases:
a) the goods appear to have already been used by the Customer, or
b) the goods are damaged for reasons not dued to the Seller.
If the terms and manner of the right of withdrawal by the Customer have not been respected, you will not be entitled to the refund of the amounts paid to the Seller, but only to the return of the products in the state in which they were delivered to the Seller.

Civil disputes relating to the application, enforcement and interpretation of the Distance Selling Agreement are subject to Italian jurisdiction and the Forum of the Seller’s place of residence (Foro of Perugia) will be responsible.
The purchase agreement signed at a distance with the company Nuova ERC is regulated by Italian law and – although not explicitly specified – the rules of the law in this matter apply.